STEAMConf Barcelona 2017

3rd. International Education Conference

CosmoCaixa, Barcelona, April 20, 21 & 22


The international STEAMConf implemented an initiative in 2016 that is expected to become a classic in the following editions – using a filmed experience for public discussion, open to everyone!


If Most Likely to Succeed explored new approaches to the transformation of learning, based on an innovative school in San Diego, Beyond Measure takes a journey through a series of public, rural and city schools that are breaking with the obsolete system and standard assessments.


However, if the 2017 programme had to be defined under a single concept, everyone would no doubt accept the term participation. Presentations, workshops, discussions and new initiatives that have a common denominator – not leaving anyone passive, inactive or indifferent!


We will be helped by the fantasy of Hello Ruby by Linda Liukas and the musical imagination of Eric Rosenbaum, co-inventor of Makey Makey. We will discover that everyone can do science using simple materials, guided by Arvind Gupta and we will experiment the pleasure of learning that Anna-Mari Jaatinen brings us from Finland!


Babette Allina will show us why the A of creativity, design and art makes a difference, whilst Bob Lenz will show us how to design authentic STEAM+PBL projects, and we will take part, with Sylvia Martinez, in the technology and creativity revolution of the Maker Movement in classrooms.


And if that weren’t enough, 13 Worshops designed to be attended in real time and with hands on for discovering what is being done locally and everywhere else.


To conclude the sessions of this third edition, there will be a performance by Catherine Siller & Eric Rosenbaum which will not succeed without the assistance and participation of the audience. Not to be missed!


This edition will also include the first STEAM EdCamp, a meeting fuelled by teachers and professors for teachers and professors. Free and open to everyone, to share and build learnings, experiences, ideas, concerns, inspirations, doubts and certainties that arise over the three days of discussions, workshops and conferences.